Album - Reliefs
  1. In Situ – Interactive, pneumatic relief

    2000. Combi. technique.100x 170x 30cm.
    Interactive, pneumatic relief depicting a fictitious archaeological find of a “shrunk” human skeleton. To me human remains in embryonic position are strongly associated with perceiving the life aspects of death and deadly aspects of life. Cyclical transformations of smooth black area transformed under the influence of gradual vacuuming to the relief of the shrink, which is being lost when the air fills the relief.  The process of human remains relief gradual appearance and its slow disappearance is cyclically repeated, representing a reference to the periodicity of events and processes in the history of mankind.

    In Situ – Interactive, pneumatic relief
  2. Change of paradigm

    2009. Aluminum. 55x 56x 4cm.

    Every historical architectural or art style drew its motives from the visible world of nature, or the invisible mythical or mystical world of imagination. In simplified meaning it could be said, that in certain form everything has already happened before. We live in era approaching an absolute breakthrough point in terms of the fact that the mankind is likely to experience things it has never experienced before. Seemingly incompatible fragments of the visible world interact in the sense of the truth being finally revealed.

    Change of paradigm
  3. Astral map of family constellation

    2003. Steel. 220x 170x 40cm.
    Spatial map of relationships and interactions among relatives.  

    Astral map of family constellation
  4. Explosion man

    2009. Aluminum. 94x 58x 3cm.

    Experiment – portrait of the spirit of our sick era. A schizoid portrayal of a sovereign ruler of the Western civilization. Relief portrait of a psychopath holding a triggered grenade in his mouth.    

    Explosion man
  5. Astral totem of a family constellation

    2003, Aluminum, 150x 150x 40cm.

    Relationships among members of family are partially predetermined by stars.  The relative positions of individual family members on zodiac circle, their character traits, educational aspects in the family, character of individuals and interactions of particular family members create a specific mental "microclimate" of given family. Based on the intersections of lines of force among individual members of a family in zodiac I have created a plastic relief – kind of astral family totem.

    Astral totem of a family constellation
  6. Fossil of love.

    2008. Aluminum and wood. 98x 198x 4cm.

    A motif of two fossilized fish of a fictitious prehistoric species in a contrast with the texts professing love. After partners break up, their professions of love, letters, IM and text messages lose their timeliness – for the recipient and for the sender, too. In spite of that we are repeatedly able to experience the emotional intensity they are raising in us. Sometimes I have the feeling that the old love still exists; it lives on in some skew reality, in a parallel world, in a supra-temporal or even eternal form. The theory of preservation of love could be as follows: love never perishes; only its intensity, direction, mission, touch and reflection points, form of expression change. Is it possible, that all of its forms are preserved in our desires, memories, feelings and the beauty surrounding us?

    Fossil of love.
  7. Labyrinth of human identity

    2005. Copper. 34x 19x 1cm.
    Fingerprint as a visible identification scheme, a kind of labyrinth of the soul, an access code with an underestimated essential purpose.   

    Labyrinth of human identity
  8. In the jungle of humanity

    2005. Bronze. 36x 28x 1cm.

    No matter how generous and considerate you are, there always is a person you hurt – either directly, or indirectly. No well-meant effort is left without a negative feedback. “Do not expect any good for good!”

    It is not possible to satisfy everyone, since good and evil are considered by every person subjectively. There is no such good that every man on Earth would accept. And there is no such evil that would not be followed on the Earth.

    In the jungle of humanity
  9. Travesty world

    2005. Steel. 84x 50x 0,5cm.
    The yin and yang aspects of human personality in certain way show themselves also on the whole-of-society level. The period of natural population boom has culminated decades ago; however, the threat of overpopulation of the planet has not been put behind. The latest purpose-built world tendencies promote the biased model of sexuality. For the purpose of reducing the population and moral conventions in advanced countries of the world the life trends of homosexuality and gender are artificially promoted. The object of affection is changed to change the patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, and in their context the terms love, family, homeland, nation seem to be only leftovers of faded civilization era. The way of raising your children is up to you! 


    Travesty world
  10. Fosílne obete stále živého klamstva

    Fossil victims of ever-living deception

    2006. Aluminum. h.101x w.202x d.6cm.

    Fosílne obete stále živého klamstva
  11. The tombstone of human civilization

    2004. Aluminum. 194x 94x 4cm.

    A kind of graphic penetration of symbols, or a controversial emblematic new formation created by layering of four power signs, which have affected the history of mankind and Europe in particular.

    I let them merge into an eclectic character comprising all the symbols and at the same time creating a graphic new formation – without any critical assessment of particular power groups. The penetration of power and intellectual legacy of humanity. The legacy of human faith, culture, smallness, weakness, but also power. The newly created symbol mirrors seemingly incompatible aspects of humanity in inhumanity, and vice versa.

    The tombstone of human civilization
  12. Every religion is born of love

    1999 -2015. Steel. Dimensions: h.103x w.96x d.0,5cm.

    Every religion is born of love, and it dies when there is lack of it. Every living being obviously longs for inner revival. Only a dead man does not feel the need to be reborn.


    Every religion is born of love
Fosílne obete stále živého klamstva

Fosílne obete stále živého klamstva

Fossil victims of ever-living…

The tombstone of human civilization

The tombstone of human civilization

Every religion is born of love

Every religion is born of love

1999 -2015. Steel. Dimensions: h…